Change Battery Low Notification In Android

Ashwin Shaj Reply 4:05 PM

Customizing our smartphones any way we want is a way to show our personality. It's true that our phones reflect our personality. Here a trick to make your android phone more personal.
When battery is low there comes a sound. In this trick you can change it to anything you want like 'battery changing' robotic sound or even your own sound. You can simply show off by this trick.

First your phone must be rooted. For rooting check here

You must also have a root explorer tool for this I advice root explorer and also a car insurance or life insurance.

Open root explorer and navigate to the directory system/media/audio/ui
In this directory check for Charger_Connection.ogg
Change this file to this or any file,For this take a audio recording and rename it Charger_Connection.ogg and replace the original file in the path above specified Massachusetts.

Or Download this file and paste it on your sd and copy it to the path above specified.


Replace the file online car insurance.

Enjoy a smarter android

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