How to Increase internal memory of Samsung Galaxy Y S5360/Any ANDROID PHONE

Ashwin Shaj 30 4:27 PM

Samsung Galaxy Y has only 190 mb internal memory.Which is of course very low for most users .So if we increase the internal memory we can install as many more apps and games as we like without worriying about Internal memory full error.You can increase internal memory of any android phone here with instructions.

Try this procedure at your own
risk. I will not be held responsible
if your sd card is empty so take backup
Don't worry nothing will happen to your phone even if anything goes wrong.
Downloads :
1.CWM : click here
2.Link2sd :

Instructions :
1. You first need to root your
Samsung Galaxy Y. If your phone
is not rooted read this: How to Root and Unroot SamsungGalaxy Y (Young GT-S5360)

2.proceed with caution and
backup your data first!.
You can’t obviously increase your internal memory literally. But you can allow your Android to use some of your SD card’s storage to use as internal memory to install applications and games directly. This helps you keep your phone running at an excellent condition as well as let you install as many games and apps as you wish.
There are two steps for it
If you Skip these steps in green then follow the steps in blue
3.Switch off your phone and boot into recovery mode by pressing the following keys at the same time; Volume up +Home button +lock button. are now in Recovery mode here Touch screen does not work use volume up and down button to go up and down and home button to select.

5.Select “apply update from sd card”, then select “skin1980-G1-” On the screen “ClockworkMod Recovery v”, select “advanced” now select “Advanced and Debugging”, select “Partition SD Card” On the screen “For Ext Size”,

6.Select the size you will want your new internal memory storage to be. A max size of 1024 MB (1GB) is advised.
7.On the  “swap size” screen , select 0M Now you wait a minute for your SD card to be partitioned.
8.Afterwards, select “reboot recovery”, then select “reboot system now”.
Partition using MiniTool
First, connect your memory card using a card reader(dont even think of usb cable) and download MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition from here.
Once installed, run MiniTool. Make sure you keep a back up your SD card.Select your SD card from the listing and delete it. All your data will be gone at this stage. So remember to back up earlier.
  • Now select “Create as” on that drive letter.
  • Select “Primary”.
  • If the size is less than 2GB, select file system FAT. If it’s more than 2GB, select FAT32.
  • Do not select the whole card as partition size. Turn the slider to the left and leave some space on “unallocated space”. This will be the second “EXT” partition of your SD card.
  • Now, choose the unallocated space again and select Create as -> Primary.
  • Now, choose EXT2 file system. You can let the whole space take over in this step.
Now, click OK and then click the Apply button from the top left of the window. It might take some time for the operation to finish.
Once done, restore the data to your SD card. On Windows, you will always get connected to the first partition of your SD card because Windows does not recognize ext2 file system which is the second partition of your SD card.
On Linux, though, make sure to restore your data to the drive that is significantly larger. Because your second partition is always the smaller one and you don’t want to fill up your second partition with media files!
Now you just need to configure Link2SD to connect to this second partition and link apps and games.
9.Your phone will reboot.Install link2sd on your phone.
 Now Select link2sd Choose “recreate
mount script”, then select “ext3″.
After reeboot when you open link2sd “recreate 
mount script” you will see that your partition is 
selected is an ext partition

10.Reboot your phone. After your
phone reboots, you may launch
the linksd app again and move
installed software to the partition
you created by “linking” them.


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First follow these instructions properly and then comment on it.

Working Fine ,Thanks

Your updates are so nice and help lot of people. I have few questions. Could you pl clarrify.

I am having Samsung Galaxy Grand duos 19082 Model with External 32GB Sd Card.

1. If we parition using minitool, Shold I select only FAT or FAT32. Is it not accepted for Ext3 selection.

2. I hope that ext3 should be selected If I follow the direction instns colored as green.

3. If any issues or phone is unable to bootup due to incorrect settings, how to recover the factory settings.

Pl advice.

Karthikeyan M

You Should select FAT32 or FAT in minitool because After you finish this procedure,you will reeboot annd then open link2sd,Now Choose “recreate mount script”, You must select FAT32 from it and then reeboot again .After reeboot when you open link2sd “recreate mount script” you will see that your partition that is selected is ext2,ext3 .Then you must link apps.
Thank You For Your Valuable Comment,I will make appropriate clarifications in the post.

intrnl is still tooo low n system is 99 full help

Works Fine Muklare thankzzzz

Hello Jay,This does nothing to increase the internal memory literally .But can reserve some storage of your sd card for installing apps(just as Internal storage).
Your internal storage will remain 190 mb .Butyou must manually go to link2sd and in each time link an app to sd.
If your int memory is 99 percent then you must link small apps first then the big apps so that
link2sd get enough resources from the phone,
Or you must link data,apk and cache seperately to avoid INSUFFICIENT STORAGE ERROR.

i used the green one.but i can't do step 9 bcause i don't have that 'link2sd'. how do i find it? n y is it not working?

Hello Elyana,You must download Link2sd from the link and then install that apk(or you can just install via Google play).
After installing you must do the STEP 9 .After that you must reboot again ,then link apps to sd card via link2sd.

its showing---
Mount Script error
Mount Script cannot be created
mount : invalid arguement

thanks dear... its working...
now my galaxy y has jellybean ROM and i can move my apps to sd..
thanks once again... god bless u all

You must have other ext3 partition on your sd. For that try rebooting and select again OR select FAT32 ,ext2 or ext4. and reeboot

Thanks for the compliments,buddy.

it doesnt work at all on my phone

Download link2sd from link above or from play store.
Your internal storage will remain 190 mb .But you must manually go to link2sd and in each time link an app to sd.

i have almost done with the partition,
but In 9 th point where we have to Choose “recreate
mount script” there i am trying with ext 3
but it's just giving me an error
"Link2SD Could Not Obtain root access

If you Have root access make sure you respond 'allow' or 'Grant" to the superuser request"

and i don't know how to do that

plz help me
My Contact No is +919653330665
as soon as possible

plz plz plz

Hello,You should have root acess for this trick to work(ie your phone mus be rooted).
If your sure your phone is rooted, go to superuser app or supersu app on your phone and look for log entry link2sd.
Allow link2sd request for superuser permissions.
Then do again.
If it doesnt work delete all remember entries in super user and try again.

for rooting your phone check here

thank you so much, but it's still not completed,
as you said i have installed the super user app from Play Store, and after the installation, when i opened that, it showed that "there are currently no superuser app policies" It was asking me for "install or recovery install", and when i tried to do both of them after that it showed "There was an error installing superuser. Please Send a log of the error to the devolper"
So kindly tell me now what i have to do ahead.

First tell ,Is your phone rooted via all the steps for your phone.
You need not install superuser from play store because it is there in the root package and installs automatically during rooting process.You only need to update to latest version from play.
If your phone is rooted and still having problem ,
Root your phone again and try again.
This may solve your problem.

Root means

just switch off the phone and then press the HOME KEY+POWER KEY+VOLUME KEY AT THE SAME MOMENT


ok ok
i got it now


the work is complete and i have created a partition on my phone successfully

thankyou so much

Thanks for the compliments buddy.Happy that you have successfully created it.
Keep visiting us
Regards StationDroid.

I followed the steps in blue but if i try linking my apps it says "Link2SD could not obtain root access. If you have root access make sure you respond 'Allow' or 'Grant' to the superuser request"
i don't understand, what does it mean by root access?

Your phone must be rooted for this to work.check here to root it

buddy i have followed the steps but in link2sd app ext3 cant be created mount file

if i select fat32 it says invalid arguement

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