[Rom][Kernel] NeoX BlackStar X2.1 - Always & Forever

Ashwin Shaj Reply 8:20 PM

What do a user want in a custom rom?
The answer is quite simple
Everyone wants 

1) Great User Interface, Delicious Taste and Cool Theming
2) Smoothness, Stability and Speed
3) Power with Exploding tweaks.

As you guys saw the NeoX BlackStar X1 and that was a beginning of this series (NeoX)
So Here, I Presents its second version that is NeoX BlackStar X2 with all the above features.

Thanks To ( Prabhdeep Chauhan ) then M.H. Mahadi for the Awesome Theming.
Thanks To Aamir ali for Boosting The Power and Tweaks.
Thanks To Shivam Sharma for great Support and Helping me to Remode the apks.
Thanks to Savie For his Kernel

Special thanks to B16h22 for his Great Guidence

How to install:

-Copy NeoX BlackStar X2.zip to your SD-Card
-Have cwm5.zip in your sdcard (google it)
-Go to recovery mode (Vol-up + Home + Power)
-Backup your Current ROM (optional)
-Choose apply Update from SD card
-Choose cwm5.zip
-Wipe Data/Factory reset,
-Wipe Cache data
-Choose Install Zip from SD card
-Choose NeoX BlackStar X2.zip & install
-Please wait... for completion....
-Reboot the system
-First boot may take 5-10 minutes, so have patience

Download link:

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